Important Dates for Wexford Student Enterprise Programme

Important dates for this year's Wexford Student Enterprise Programme

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The timetable below shows roughly how the the Wexford Student Enterprise Programme fits into the academic school-year. Important dates for this year's competiton are highlighted.

  • Schools register their participation with the Wexford Local Enterprise Office by Friday 17th September 2021.
  • The class divides into business groups or students can work on a mini-company on their own.
  • The class is visited by the local SEP Coordinator to get the entrepreneuial process started, brainstorm business ideas and help each group arrive at a viable idea.
  • Each mini-company plans how they are going to make and sell their product or service.
  • Individuals within the group are often given responsibility for different aspects of the project e.g. a marketing person, production manager, person in charge of the numbers etc.
  • Mini-companies produce their product or service. (The Halloween mid-term break is a great time to get a lot of production work done!)
  • Mini-companies market and sell their product inside and outside of the school at local shops, online via Facebook and Instagram, at Christmas markets if possible and so on.
  • Each mini-company must carefully keep track of all of their costs, finances, sales figures etc.
  • A record of all the group activities such as meeting minutes are kept. Templates are available from your local coordinator.
  • Students keep their own Reflective Diaries throughout the process which makes writing the group's Business Report or Poster at the end of the process much easier.
  • Groups complete the sales process and finalise their financial reports and business report for their School Final.
  • The School Final must be held before Friday 28th January 2022.
  • School Winners are selected to represent their school and compete in the County Judging.
  • All final business posters (Junior & Intermediate), reports (Senior) (including financial information) AND Photography Permission Forms belonging to the School Winners should be submitted to the local SEP coordinator/LEO Wexford office by Friday 28th January 2022 in order for those School Winners to compete in the County competition.  
  • The County Judging is provisionally scheduled to take place from the 1st to 4th March 2022 with each school assigned a timeslot on one of these days, organised geographically. The County Judging this year may be conducted in-person or virtually.
  • The Wexford Student Enterprise Programme awards event where trophy winners are announced will take place either in-person or online (depending on guidelines) and is provisonally due to take place on Thursday 10th March 2022 at 7pm
  • The deadline for receipt of business posters (Junior & Intermediate) and reports (Senior) from the overall County Winners, in order to take part in the National Final, is 1st April.
  • County Winners prepare for the National Final.
  • The in-person or online (depending on guidelines) National Final takes place in the middle of May 2022.