Opportunity knocks for EU funding for community and business groups

support Community Groups, Business Development Groups, Education and Research Bodies to gain a better insight into European affairs and understand the various funding mechanisms available. The aim is to create a more effective network in County Carlow of skilled personnel adept at leading and becomi...

Extra Call for Projects in Rathoe Area

Carlow Co. Council seeking ideas in respect of physical projects for Rathoe area

Heritage Paving project shows the way for community leadership and partnership for the Future

Heritage Path Project funded by the Town & Village Renewal Scheme in Myshall

CSF Marine & Agritech - €50k Competitive Start Fund, Call Now Open

Marine & Agritech- /CSFMarineAgritech This call for applications focuses on the Marine & Agtech Sectors and is open to applications active in these sectors .

Jo Browne represents Carlow at Local Enterprise Village at NPA 2018

National Ploughing Championships 2018 - Carlow will be represented in September by Joanne Browne from Jo Browne Ireland.