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DLR Creatives 2021


The Local Enterprise Offices have teamed up with the Design & Craft Council of Ireland to provide a complete set of programmes for Design & Craft professionals to help meet the challenges of product development, marketing and selling internationally. These four programmes will be run twice annually and run competitively, application does not guarantee a place. The courses are both heavily subsidized and places are limited.


Get Set Programme

A national programme created for DCCI/LEO clients who want to push their boundaries on product development and branding. First piloted in 2019 this is an intense four-day programme focusing on design process, product development and brand. Spaced at two-month interval it allows time for important development work in the interim. Graduates of the Get Set Building Craft and Design Enterprise are then invited to apply to take part in the more in-depth Building Craft and Design Enterprise Programme.


“The Get Set programme was by far the best and most inspiring course I have ever done. I feel so lucky to have been part of it, the speakers brought something new and exciting to the table”. Niamh Gillespie, Creative Director www.tidings.ie

The Closing date for applications is Monday 30th August 2021

Dates:14 & 15th September and 9th & 10th November
Application Form:https://submit.link/bk

Brochure Link: Get Set Programme



Building Craft and Design Enterprise

Are you an ambitious craftworker or designer looking to inject fresh new ideas and more structure into your enterprise? Do you believe you need to work smarter to better develop a sustainable business in a changing world? The BCDE programme could be exactly what you need to recognize opportunities, boost your work in the marketplace through focused design led workshops. Since 2015 almost 400 talented craft and design enterprises, from all over Ireland, have become part of the BCDE family. Graduates of the programme have gone on to heighten their profile, increase their market share, explore new markets, and significantly improved online presence. The programme has always been adaptable to the needs and disciplines of participants while recognising ongoing changes in the marketplace. In 2020 the programme(s) were a much-needed support and help to designers while navigating unprecedented challenges during the pandemic.

Date of next course: June programme currently in progress.

Application Link: 2022 Link coming soon

Cost €50

Brochure Link: BCDE June Brochure


eCommerce Bootcamp

A new three-part business training series for Irish designers and makers, focused on increasing online sales by optimising eCommerce and digital platforms. The series is presented by Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI), in association with Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) nationwide.

The programme is designed as a practical and focused support to enable you to understand your business’s on-line sales potential, and more importantly to learn the necessary steps to achieve it. Places are limited to 100.

Date of next course: September 2021

Application Link: Apply

Cost €


BCDE Advanced Export

Key highlights of the new programme

• Participants will have completed BCDE programme or be at proven equivalent standard.
• Participants should have capacity for growth and be already exporting.
• Will have their own peer mentor through a buddy system.
• Will have a dedicated EI/DCCI export market specialist mentor.
• Participants will be carefully guided on their research visit to their selected market.
• DCCI enterprise/market development staff will host research a meeting with participants
if DCCI is exhibiting at shows such as Mason et Objet 2022.
• Encouragment and support to strengthen your e-commerce and B to B functionality.

Date of next course: Recruitment begins November 2021

Application Link: Apply

Cost: €300

Brochure Link: Upon request

* Applicants must be Graduates of the DCCI / LEO BCDE Programme or equivalent standard