Testimonials from Past Hi-Start Programme Participants

We had a great idea, and great enthusiasm to back it up. But critically our direction and market sector was wrong and we hadn't the training to create a proper business structure. Hi Start provided a sounding board by which we could measure our business progress and a solid structure to get us truly 'business ready'. Hi Start is the absolute way to go in evaluating and building your business, it should be mandatory! 
Cableflag Ltd. Stephen O'Brien Tony Kelly


I am so thankful to John and Angela and the Hi Start up programme. Before I started I thought I understood good business I was wrong, I know the programme is for new businesses but I feel it would also greatly benefit existing companies. I have learnt so much over the last 7 months and I have gained so much confidence in myself. I am now able to approach so many areas in my business which I was finding difficult, with so much more confidence. Thank you.
Michael Culleton CEO Stayhold Ltd


The Hi Start Programme was of enormous benefit in focusing us on exactly what an investor is seeking; the course itself was interesting and enjoyable. John has given us a vital insight into the mindset of an investor, and how our business strategy should reflect same.
Jonathan Murray, Unique Advance Technologies


The Hi Start programme has helped us to define our value proposition and taught us exactly what we needed to do to make our business a success. We were constantly challenged and set clear goals and objectives for each mentor session. We feel ready now to seek funding for our business.  Siobhan Berry, Mummycooks


I would like to thank Angela and John for the opportunity to be a part of this excellent programme. Without this programme I would not have taken my business to the level it is at right now. It helped in so many ways to question my own business thinking but also to help make the right decisions. The honest feedback and direction was fantastic. I would highly recommend this programme to anybody who is in the process of starting their own business.
Ciaran Flynn, Child Paths


I found Hi Start a very valuable and focused programme. John McMahon is an excellent mentor and helped us refine and improve our thinking and solve key business issues early on. 
John Glynn, Endpal


The Hi-Start mentoring programme has been of enormous value in helping to reassess and recalibrate our business strategy and value proposition. As a result we completely refocused our marketing towards a particular segment, a strategy which is already beginning to bear fruit. In addition, the monthly interaction with the other candidates on the programme has been very insightful and another valuable learning opportunity. The world of the would-be entrepreneur can be a lonely place and sometimes just knowing that others face many of the same challenges is the fillip needed to keep the motivation and energy levels high.
T.J. Whelan, Prosalis


The Hi-Start programme was of huge benefit to our company.   Just before its commencement we had set in motion a new direction of business development.   The Hi Start programme really helped us to focus on what we had that was of value, what we wanted to achieve and then how we would get there.  We are in no doubt that being part of this programme assisted us significantly in achieving our set goals and placing us in a very positive and exciting place for the future. John Mac Mahon's mentoring skills are refreshingly honest but also inspiring. His instruction skills are engaging, focussed and always relevant.
Elaine McCabe, Clever Box Club


The process followed to formulate your business strategy, forces you to examine how you can differentiate your offering and understand the organisational/financial  requirements necessary to succeed. In addition the mentor explores all avenues and provides valuable insight that will stand to you going forward.
John Shortt, Lifecycle Ltd


Thanks to the Hi-Start programme we are a lot more confident and better prepared for scaling the business and developing our international markets. John McMahon is passionate and dedicated in bringing out the best in people and their businesses. Since completing Hi-Start we now feel investor ready and look forward to the next phase of our business.
Barbara Hanly, Soopapets


My business partner and I found the Hi-Start program to be excellent throughout.  After being initially wary of wasting our valuable time, by the end of the first session we were looking forward to the rest of it. The facilitator and mentor John McMahon was particularly good and always left us with plenty to think about across a range of business disciplines from marketing to finance. It gave us a great base to develop our business plan and investor pitch. Angela always ensured everything was organised perfectly too. 
Kevin Loughran, Director, Inventise