LEAN DLR - Faster, Better, Cheaper - 3rd March

Learn about the benefits of Lean business and how it has been applied effectively in a range of businesses in DLR.

Link Network Building the Brand of you on Social Media - 3rd March

For our March Link Network event, as part of Local Enterprise Week 2020, Carol O'Kelly of RedStorm will look at how to craft a valuable and relevant Personal Brand with a focus on your key audiences.

David Meade Presents "Engage for Success" - 5th March

David Meade, Internationally renowned Speaker, BBC TV Presenter, and Expert on what makes humans ‘tick’ will deliver deep insights, new techniques, and vital takeaways to help you succeed.

Storytelling: How to Really Connect with Customers - 5th March

This workshop is a deep dive into how stories can help solve your business problems, specifically around customer engagement and even staff buy-ins for in-house projects.

Win the Tender - Procurement Workshop - 5th March

A practical workshop aimed at small businesses who have no or limited tendering experience.