Building International Sales Channels - Monday 5th March

Beacon Court Hotel, Sandyford, Dublin 18
4.00pm - 6.30pm
Enterprise Week

Learn how to find, select and manage market partners to increase your companies global reach.

This event is no longer available

Building International Sales Channels

Do you have a proven product that you would like to sell in many international markets? Where would you like to sell your products and how will you do this?

If you are thinking about sales partners, want to recruit sales partners or have some partners and want more.

What are your business growth expectations and plans, how can Sales Channels help?

What are your expectations and your assumptions regarding sales channels?

Starting or Thinking About Start in Partnering?

  • How do you decide if it's right for your business?

  • Are you ready?

    • What do you need to be ready and start?

    • AND how do you start slowly and build?


OR you’re Established, Reviewing and Growing?

  • How will you take what you've built to date and develop for growth in many international markets?

  • How are you phasing sales channels into your direct sales organisation?


What You Will Learn?

  • What types of partners make the best fit for your product?

  • What markets should you focus on and why?

  • What should you expect from partners?

  • How do you determine the deal pace of potential partners?

  • How fast can you grow?

  • How do you best support your partners to build their sales pipeline and close deals for your product?

  • What will make your current partners sell more?


How do you:

  • Recruit and Onboard Partners that are capable and committed to selling your product?

  • Build your sales channel network?

  • Create and manage a progress rhythm with each partner and with your channel network?


Who it is suitable for?

CEOs, Alliances Development, Channel Development and Senior Business Development staff of Software Companies or Cloud Based Solutions actively or planning on expanding internationally.

Donagh Kiernan

Donagh formed Tenego Partnering in 2003 to focus on driving sales growth within technology companies. This focus draws on Donagh's expertise in defining, selling and delivering technology solutions, and builds on over 28 years of technology development, sales and business ownership, investment and management.
Over the last 28 years Donagh has developed, sold and delivered high-calibre software solutions to many well-known national and international organisations in various industry sectors and international markets. In Donagh's early career he worked with PS Squared and CompuSense developing Engineering and Desktop Publishing products and working with customers worldwide.
In 1994, Donagh established Vistech Software. Vistech sub-contracted software development services to the software industry and, over the next seven years, became one of the rising stars of Ireland's technology boom. Later he became an investor, director and CEO of Campbell Informatics which is in the business of building and selling engineering data management software into international Life Science Manufacturers.