Developing Online Sales - Thursday 30th January 2020

Radisson Blu St. Helen's Hotel, Booterstown, Co. Dublin
9am - 1pm

Selling online is essential these days. Learn how to develop your online sales at this half day workshop.

This event is no longer available

Workshop Overview

Date:Thursday 30th January 2020
Time:9.00am - 1.00pm (Registration at 8.45am)
Venue:Radisson Blue St. Helen's Hotel, Booterstown, Co. Dublin

Participants on this programme will be enabled to develop their online sales in three ways.

1. Increase the number of customers

  • Top tips for driving traffic to your e-commerce website
  • Influencers - are they worth it and which ones could I use?
  • How to merge my online and offline marketing strategies

2. Increase the order size

  • It's said that "Would you like fries with that?" is the most profitable question of all time. What can I do to increase the order size per customer?
  • What strategies work for different product types
  • How to up-sell and cross-sell my products

3. Increase the number of repeat purchases

  • It's much easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to get a new one. What tactics can I use to get my customers to come back again and again?

Learning Approach 

This session will be highly participative and relevant through interactive learning, case studies, individual approach, use of audio-visual materials. It will contain numerous examples of best practice as well as tricks and tips to help participants develop their strategy for these platforms.

Delivery style will include the use of trainer presentations, live demos, group and individual work, roleplay, discussions and question and answer sessions.

What do I need to bring?

Workshop materials will be available. Please bring along your own laptop in order to participate in the practical exercises in this workshop.

Places are limited so early booking is advised.