LEO & Original Kildare: Meet Andrew Tully of A Tully Design

Kildare's Craft Network: Original Kildare

Kildare Local Enterprise Office Supporting the Best in Craft & Design

Kildare Local Enterprise Office works closely with the craft and design sector in county Kildare, providing practical business support to new and existing makers, creators and artists.

Most recently, Kildare Local Enterprise Office provided a unique training programme to develop a craft network in county Kildare. The programme enabled local craft entrepreneurs to learn the skills needed to establish and operate a craft network. 

Supported by County Kildare LEADER Partnership and Kildare Local Enterprise Office, the aim of the craft network is to bring exciting opportunities to the many talented craft entrepreneurs in county Kildare, and to develop Kildare as an internationally recognised home for the best in Craft & Design. 

Following the delivery of the programme, Original Kildare was established in 2020

The members of the group are keen to emphasise their individual craft roots.

The Craft Businesses of Kildare - Meet Andrew Tully


Andrew Tully of A Tully Design is a member of the Original Kildare Network and has availed of many Local Enterprise Office supports.  A Tully Design is a small family operation based in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, that designs and handcrafts high-quality wood and resin jewelry.

I provide a range of jewelry pieces including pendants, earrings, broaches and cufflinks.

Each piece isentirely handmade, unique, and handled by me throughout the entire production process from the selection of raw materials right the way through to polishing and presentation."

The wood that Andrew uses for his jewelry has come his way via a natural route like driftwoods, storm damage, or ancient woods like bog oak.

"My father was a carpenter and I grew up in a house that was constantly under some kind of renovation or improvement. This, combined with a natural curiosity, inevitability lead to me learning a lot about how everyday stuff works.

Fast forward over twenty years, and a few major career changes later, I found myself working in the corporate world creating a lot of short-lived digital content and managing projects that would inevitably expire and we’d all move on. But all the while my workshop and tools were never far away and frequently in use.

Now, with half a lifetime of eclectic experiences, I have combined many of the artistic and practical skills acquired over the years, and embracing my creative passions of design and craft."


About Original Kildare Network

"Original Kildare is an amazing collection of very talented individuals who, while focused on making their businesses work, are committed to the sense of community, sharing, helping, and promoting Kildare that Original Kildare has at its core.

Being part of Original Kildare has provided a lot of learning moments from product ideas to marketing material.

Through the initial training and onto the official formation of the group I have gained valuable  insights into processes, best practices, and lessons learned, in addition to the mutual support that is a cornerstone of the group."


More from Andrew Tully Design

Andrew's products are available on his website at www.atullydesign.com

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