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Evidence Required for Drawdown of Salary Grant

I have been approved for a salary grant? What information must I provide?

In the case of salary grants, a detailed sheet showing the name and PPS number of the employee to be grant aided must be provided. A check is carried out then with the Social welfare to ensure that there are no current claims on that person. A tax Clearance cert must also be provided.


If all is in order LEO pay 50% of the grant award on that salaried employee straight away.

In 6 months time LEO will ask that you submit a claim to draw down the second half of the salary grant, and we will require that your Accountant/Auditor sign off on the employee details to show that you are tax compliant.

 In addition for new start-ups, we require 6 months management accounts for the business, from the date of first payment of the first stage salary grant.

 We may also require a letter from your Accountant and will conduct a spot check of PRSI / revenue payments.


What happens if the person I employed did not work out?

The LEO is grant aiding the position and not the person. Sometimes a person may not be suitable or circumstances will arise where a person must leave a position. You may employ another person to take up that position. That position must remained filled for a minimum of 3 years.


If you have employed another person to take that place, then the grant can still available as long as you can show 6 months employment of the new person, in the business prior to payment of the second instalment.