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About Us

Local Enterprise Office  Kildare is a unique branded enterprise support office with Kildare County Council. A network of 31 Local Enterprise Offices are based nationally through the local authorities and act as ‘one stop shops’ to deliver enterprise supports in their local regions.

Our Services

Business Information and Advisory Services

Local Enterprise Office Kildare will act as the first point of contact for businesses seeking general business advice and information.

Enterprise Support and Development Services

Provide financial support, training supports, mentoring, marketing, access to dedicated business networks, product and service development, micro-finance loan fund

Entrepreneurship Support Services

Enterprise Education – Secondary level programmes, female entrepreneurship, senior entrepreneurship, enterprise awards, enterprise promotional activities

Local Economic Development Services

Strategic: Development and implementation of local economic plans, input into County Development Plan, partnerships with relevant development agencies

Promotional: Identifying and developing projects and programmes to develop enterprise, employment and the local economy

Operational: Development of appropriate enterprise infrastructure at county level, management of local authority enterprise infrastructure/assets, development of programmes to address local needs, acting as an enhanced resource for Government to undertake one-off initiatives.