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On Approval, What Evidence is Required for Grant Drawdown?

I have been approved for a grant – when do I get paid?

The grants from the LEO, with the exception of salary grants, are all on the basis of a recoupment system based on vouched expenditure.

For example if you have been approved a grant on the provision of equipment then the equipment must be fully paid for, installed and on site and the paperwork in order, with a site inspection carried out by LEO personnel, for the LEO to pay out the 50% of costs.

Is VAT an eligible expense?

No, Vat is excluded from all grants and payments.


Can I pay for goods in Cash?

No, proof of each transaction must exist in the form of a receipt and the payment matched to a transaction on a business bank statement.



What other documentation might be required at drawdown stage?

In all cases except for salary grants, the grantee must incur the expenditure before making a claim for the grant to be reimbursed by the LEO to the grantee. You would need to ensure that you have bridging finance arranged for this. You may get the grant award mandated to a specific bank account by requesting this in writing.


You must submit your original invoices along with your grant claim forms.

  • Invoices must be made out to the grant aided client and the funds paid from the grant aided client’s bank / visa account. Please note name of account must be grant aided business.
  • You must submit copies of your bank statements to verify payments from the grant aided clients’ accounts.
  • In the case of food processing projects, a letter from the relevant Health Authority that your premises are fully approved.
  • In all cases where capital items have been purchased, evidence of insurance must be provided with the interest of the Local Enterprise Office, Kildare noted on the policy.
  • In the cases of building / renovation projects, planning permissions and a site inspection to determine value for money must be carried out.
  • A Fire Cert must also be provided in build projects.
  • In all cases, a site inspection to ensure that the business is in existence, that grant aided items are on site and operational is carried out.
  • In all cases, a current Tax Clearance Certificate must be provided. You can apply for one online at
  • In addition, you will be required to display at your business premises/office a sign acknowledging ERDF / Exchequer funding towards your business.


The LEO cannot pay out on the grant unless all the above is in order.