Brexit is here! Mentoring and Customs Training Available

Brexit Mentoring and Customs Training Available for Kildare SMEs

On 31st December 2020,  the UK officially left the EU single market and customs union.

Kildare businesses urged to engage with Kildare Local Enterprise Office in preparations for Brexit

The UK vote to leave the European Union has raised many important issues for Ireland’s exporters to Britain. The risk and uncertainty for businesses raised by the UK decision will be long lasting. Companies must review their business models, to evaluate and prepare for the potential risks and challenges.

In an ever-changing and increasingly challenging marketplace, competitive strategy and innovation are integral to business growth and success.

9 areas of potential impact for your business:

  • UK market dynamics –  possible market contraction; buy British campaigns
  • Currency – impact on  profits; delayed decision making due to uncertainty
  • Customers – impact on  customers leading to challenges and opportunities
  • Competition – expect new and increased competition
  • Sourcing – impact on cost, certainty and quality; dependence on UK distributors
  • Transport and logistics – established transport routes may no longer be optimal
  • Regulations and standards –  may change for exporting to and importing from UK
  • Customs, tariffs and  taxation – may see an increase in administration, cost and time
  • Movement of people –  possible restrictions


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Customs Training

Importers and Exporters will need to know how to move their goods through Customs in Ireland and the UK post Brexit.

Some of the issues that will be faced from a Customs and Trade perspective are:

  • Customs Duty
  • Import VAT
  • Border Delays
  • Additional Costs e.g. Clearance Agents, etc.
  • Additional Documentation e.g. Import and Export Documentation, etc.
  • New Procedures e.g. How and when to lodge import and export SADs, etc.
  • New Licenses

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