Look for Local this Christmas

Shop Local, Spend Local, Enjoy Local

While doing your part to support County Kildare based businesses and save local jobs

Kildare County Council Encourages Kildare Community to ‘Look for Local’ this Christmas

Kildare County Council’s Local Enterprise Office in association with the Kildare Chamber of Commerce have recently launched Shop County Kildare, an online ecommerce platform providing Kildare businesses the opportunity to make the move to online sales in a free of charge, quick and user-friendly way.

The COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of having access to local products and services and Kildare County Council’s Local Enterprise Office is committed to delivering Kildare based businesses the ecommerce resources and support to ensure the delivery of sales over the Christmas period.

Kildare Local Enterprise Office and Kildare County Council are passionate about keeping Kildare main streets as vibrant and diverse as possible.  The primary idea behind this initiative is to enable Kildare based retailers to continue to trade even while their doors are closed.   

Their mission is to create hubs for local retailers and businesses so that they can reopen their businesses to the local community.  Shop County Kildare is essentially an ‘Amazon for Kildare businesses.   

Jacqui McNabb, Head of Enterprise Kildare County Council said “Shopping local has helped people to reconnect with their communities, a connection that will undoubtedly endure into the future”.

She continued “We would love the opportunity to support you in delivering your product or service online over the coming 12 months. The focus now is onboarding retailers and businesses and we hope to get this done as quickly as possible so that we can launch the site and kick-start business in Kildare now”.

How to register:

If you would like a presence on the website and an opportunity to market your product and services, please follow this link to register https://shopcountykildare.ie/

For any queries please email info@shopcountykildare.ie