* Lunchtime Lessons for Leaders * Module 3: Goal Setting for Leaders

Remote interactive webinar
Tues 23rd Feb
1pm - 2pm

We are delighted to invite you to our brand new lunchtime series Lunchtime Lessons for Leaders with one of Ireland’s foremost keynote speakers, Gerry Duffy. If this course is booked out, please email us and we will either add an extra space for you or organise a new date*

This event is no longer available

Preparing for Recovery

Lunchtime Lessons for Leaders 

with Gerry Duffy

Module 3: Goal Setting for Leaders

Getting clear on where you want to go

* Note: This session will take place immediately after module 2. You are welcome to attend this double session on the 23rd of February, which includes Module 2 from 12 pm - 1 pm, and Module 3 from 1 pm - 2 pm *

We are delighted to invite you to our brand new lunchtime series Lunchtime Lessons for Leaders with one of Ireland’s foremost keynote speakers, Gerry Duffy.

Each Tuesday afternoon from 1pm - 2pm, Gerry will deliver a module that focuses on transforming you and your business to achieve a greater focus and set clearer goals.

About Gerry Duffy

Gerry Duffy is a professional speaker in the corporate sector. His core expertise is in Leadership, Goal Setting and Public Speaking. For fun he loves extreme sport and has completed 32 Marathons in 32 consecutive days. He has also written 3 books including THE GOAL GETTER - 35 Different Ways to Reach Your Goals.

An internationally renowned leadership speaker, Gerry often works with companies like Hewlett Packard, MSD, SAP, Norvartis Pharmaceuticals, Boston Scientific, Analogue Devices, Clancy Construction, Silver Hill Foods and Aer Lingus. 

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