Customer Experience Mapping – Retail Business

Osprey Hotel, Naas, Co. Kildare
Thursday 5th October 2017

For businesses seeking an innovative approach to better serve their customers, increase their value proposition and grow their business. Presented by : Jigsaw Ltd

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customer experience mapping - insightful innovation in to your customers journey

Customer experience and journey mapping is a visual storytelling from an individual customers perspective of their relationship with your organisation.

By researching your clients your will define touchpoints and channels, create personas and map their customer experience. Companies that have successfully applied customer experience techniques have evolved from a transactional relationship with clients to one built on trust, respect and consistency.

This Workshop

During this workshop, you will acquire an understanding of the customer experience mapping methodology along with a hands-on application of the approach by working in groups to create a map. As with all of our training workshops, the groups share their experience to amplify the learning. As part of this reflection we will consider how you will apply the methodology to clients in your organisation.


Who should attend?

Individuals and businesses from the retail sector who are seeking an innovative approach to better serve their customers, increase their value proposition and grow their business.


Why you should attend?

Today, everything is moving faster and the business environment is more complex. Opportunities to grow are everywhere but are rarely obvious and innovation is key.

This one-day workshop is designed to place you in your customers shoes when engaging with your product or service, delivering invaluable insights to their experience and opportunities to improve.


Workshop Outline

~        Welcome & Introductions

~        Discovering your customer: gaining insight & learning behaviour patterns

~        Customer Decision making process & Touchpoints

~        Developing Customer Personas – Empathy Maps

~        Customer Journey maps- how insights combine to create your map

~        Hands–On (group activity) Create a customer journey map

~        Present our finding

~        Reflect - your learning & how you will apply it