LEW 2022 - DIY Smart Video (Smartphone Video & Photography)

Online interactive workshop delivered via Zoom
Tuesday 8th and Tuesday 15th March
10am - 1pm
Business Training

This online interactive practical step by step programme will teach participants how to easily create slick marketing videos and photo content that will help their business grow. For Kildare based businesses only. If this course is booked out, please email us and we will either add an extra space for you or organise a new date*

This event is no longer available

DIY Smart Video (Smartphone Video & Photography)

80% of all content viewed on social media is now video. To promote your business, you know it’s vital to communicate with customers to grow brand awareness and increase sales. Today’s web is a visual medium, and your content should reflect that. Video marketing is the latest and most cost-effective technique your business can leverage to increase brand awareness and sales, and with your smartphone you have all the tools you need at your fingertips.

Discover how this practical step by step workshop focuses on how to easily create slick marketing videos and photo content that will help your business grow.


  • How to create simple marketing videos with step by step guidance
  • Video jargon & terminology explained
  • The latest cost effective hardware, software and apps to use & how to use this tech
  • Video production 101 - planning/location/setup/filming/lighting
  • Video editing - adding text, music and voice over
  • How to capture good photos for use in your marketing videos
  • How to emulate modern video styles
  • Where to purchase cost effective equipment and attachments
  • Uploading and promoting your videos on various social media platforms

A number of exercises and ‘how to’ demonstrations are included.

Each participant receives comprehensive interactive notes (20 pages) with links to websites, recommended hardware, software, apps, additional training videos and further reading on specific areas. Notes are designed in a format that allow participants to use as a reference as they progress through the world of video marketing.


The webinar workshops will take place via Zoom video conferencing, participants will be sent a link to join which can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The training will be delivered using a mixture of video and screen sharing technology. It’s very interactive, so we encourage participants to ask questions as we go along

Delivered by:

Lefthand Productions