The Circular Economy - New Business Opportunities

Remote interactive network session
Wednesday 30th June
1pm - 4pm

* Gain valuable insight into new business opportunities * Discover the power of the circular economy for business success. Achieve increased cost savings, improved resource efficiency and new opportunities by thinking 'Circular' > Guest speakers, panel discussion and masterclass event. Open to all businesses.

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Gain Valuable Insight into New Business Opportunities 

Online Webinar: June 30th from 1pm-4pm 

Regeneration & Reduction │ Collection & Processing│ Production & Purchasing │Consumption & Use

Discover the power of the circular economy for business success. Achieve increased cost savings, improved resource efficiency and new opportunities by thinking 'Circular'...

What is the circular economy?

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended.

How can it be of benefit to my business?

Measures such as waste prevention, ecodesign and re-use could save Irish companies money while also reducing total annual greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, the production of materials we use everyday in Europe, account for 45% of the CO2 emissions.

Moving towards a more circular economy could deliver benefits such as; achieving cost savings, increasing competitiveness, stimulating innovation, reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials and boosting economic growth for Ireland. 

So, join us for this webinar to discover how the Circular Economy can benefit your business.

Session 1: 1-2 pm


post-PANDEMIC era

3 Speakers:

Mike Higgins, Circular Wise 

Mike Higgins is a circular economy consultant and regular conference speaker focused on the commercial potential that circularity can deliver to corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors. Since establishing Circularwise in 2018, Mike regularly hosts strategic workshops to establish the potential value of reusing products, components, or repurposing waste materials. Clients include product producers, waste / recycling processors, logistics firms and economic development agencies. Mike has an MBA from Nottingham University Business School (UK), is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, with a career spanning 40 years’ experience in both the global IT industry and circular economy-based services

Barry Brophy, The Culinary Food Group (Queally Group) 

Barry Brophy has worked for The Queally Group, for the last 22 years. The Group are the largest privately owned Agri Food business in Ireland and a leader in Circular Economy Practice. Barry is based in Naas, in The Culinary Food Group, where he Heads up Procurement / Capital Projects and Continuous Improvement. He has a passion for waste reduction, and waste can be in many different formats. Barry was a founding Member of CIRCULEIRE which is The National Platform for the promotion of The Circular Economy. His pastimes are Rugby and is Current President of Naas RFC, and is dabbling in Gin Production. He is also known to take to the roads on his bike in fine weather only.

Sean Sheehan, Wisetek

Sean Sheehan is CEO of Wisetek and has an expert understanding of business models built around Circular Economy, including Global Corporations EMC & Wang Labs. Sean is proactively involved in all aspects of operations management including Manufacturing, Warehousing, Reverse Logistics, Rework & Quality. Sean is an advocate of manufacturing Lean Sigma methodologies and holds an MSc in Professional Practice (Operations Management) and a Diploma in International Selling.

  • The circular economy challenges
  • And opportunities – posed by Covid-19
  • Re-thinking business models to achieve zero waste

Session 2: 2-3 pm

A. Success Stories from Local Enterprise Office Clients

  • Panel discussion with real-life examples featuring Barry Flanagan of Kildare Brewing Company, John Kelly from Clanard Court Hotel, Aoife Rooney from Aoife Lifestyle, and Louise Lonergan from Lonergan Corporate Gifts
  • The key ingredients for a winning circular economy strategy 
  • Real-life examples of business model transformation to eliminate waste
  • Engaging consumers and suppliers on your resource efficiency journey

B. The Green for Micro Programme

Jacqui McNabb Head of Enterprise & Economic Development LEO Kildare outlines the Green for Micro programme - a new initiative from the Local Enterprise Offices – aimed at helping small businesses prepare for the low carbon, more resource-efficient economy of the future, a free programme available to companies with up to ten employees.

Session 3: 3.15 – 4 pm

45-MINUTE MASTERCLASS: How to eliminate single-use plastics from your

business with EcoMerit

  • Overcoming key challenges on your single-use plastics journey
  • Harnessing innovation to switch to alternative materials
  • Engaging employees to create a ‘plastic-free’ culture

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