Digital Marketing Advanced


Improving Your Digital Strategy Through Social Media Management

A high energy and interactive boot camp designed to enhance your Digital Marketing Skills and Social media Management.The course will give attendees a great overview of the different  elements that make up a successful Digital Marketing strategy.Attendees will create their own actionable Digital Marketing plan and analyse the markets top management tools for scheduling content and combining all active social media channels during the session.

The day will cover the following:

  • Setting your Digital Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • What makes top quality content and when should it be published?
  • Buffer- for software that is easy to navigate, looks simple, and can make your team more efficient
  • Analysis of the online marketing tool Everypost-The black and white dashboard to simplify your business flow
  • Hootsuite-social media management tool- How to link all of your platforms and channels for maximum output

  • Developing a Digital Video Strategy.
    • Video content types -which one's work best for your business.
    • What equipment do you need and how much will it cost?
    • Video creation and editing tools for desktop and mobile.
    • How to create and promote a successful YouTube Channel.
    • How to generate subscribers on YouTube.
  • Creating your Digital Marketing plan.
15th May

Online Branding

This workshop is designed to show you how to give your followers a better experience while showcasing your brand on the world's largest social networking sites. Learn to take advantage of Facebook/ lnstagram and Linkedln integrated features and functionality and to further develop your social media strategy.

Workshop Aims and Outcomes

This workshop aims to provide those who have a working knowledge of Facebook with the skills to take their Facebook profile to the next level of usage. This workshop is aimed at business owners/ managers who already have numerous active social media platforms page and wish to improve customer engagement, increase traffic, develop custom landing pages and incorporate existing website content into Facebook

On completion ofthisworkshop, participants will have the skills necessary to:

  • Improve the design of their business Facebook and LinkedIn pages to drive-traffic-and maximise sales
  • Develop a targeted social media strategy to increase customer engagement online and articulate the value of the brand
  • Understand Facebook and lnstagram targeted advertising for their, business
  • Examine and understand our Social media Platforms in relation to available analytics

Workshop Content - Social Media for Business

  • Improve your  Business Facebook page
  • How to customise your offering
  • Custom tabs and embedded external website content
  • How to utilise associated links to feed your ecommerce website
  • Linkedln advertising - how to develop a target campaign
  • Facebook and lnstagram Events -how to utilise effectively
  • Linkedtn, Facebook and lnstagram analytics - how to measure return on investment
  • How to create an event to grab and share
  • Case studies: Review and analysis
22nd May

Search Englne Optimisation

This module will focus on how to run paid Social Media Campaigns that generate business opportunities. A hands on session where participants will create and design their own ads and plan their social media campaign.

Programme Objectives!

This practical SEO training course shows how to plan your search engine optimisation, keyword research, competitors, measurement and both onsite and offsite tactics that will increase natural search traffic and resulting customers. It will show delegates how to use SEO tactics to attract new customers, ensure existing customers can find what they are looking for and to create profitable and sustainable online business.

Programme Content to be covered:

  •  Advanced Keyword Research and Keyword Forensic Analysis
  •  Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Understanding How To Take Advantage of Themes
  •  Information Architecture:
•    What is IA and Why Do IA?
•    Global and Local Navigation Systems
•    Site Search
•    Examples of Well Developed IA
•    Crawler and Indexing Issues
  • Local SEO:
•    Major Data Providers -Who powers whom?
•    How to Submit to Top Data Providers
•    About Universal Business Listing
•    Rating Local Search Factors
•    Business Listing Quality Guidelines
•    More Google Quality Guidelines
•    Google Local - Photos, Videos and More
  •  Video SEO:

•    Optimizing Your Videos and Video SEO
•    Keywords for Video and how to create and distribute a video and sitemap
  • Mobile Search and SEO:
•    Mobile SEO Strategies
  • Duplicate Content Issues
29th May

What Is Social Selling And How Can You Use It To Make Sales

A hands on workshop where participants will learn how to search and build relationships with private and public sector prospects on the web.
Not only will this workshop assist small businesses in becoming a more efficient and effective new business generators but participants should leave the session with a workable set of live business leads.

Workshop content to include:

  • Setting your Social Media goals and aligning them with your sales targets.
  • What is Social Selling?
  • Building a Social Media strategy to generate sales opportunities.
  • Building the perfect LinkedIn profile. Utilizing Sales Navigator to it's full potential. Course content includes: building prospect list?, Making your profile stand out and SEO friendly, setting notes and reminders.
  • Creating and distributing great content to generate business opportunities. An understandihg of now the Linkedln publishing platform works. How and where to share content. Where to source sticky content on tne web. How to utilize for lead generation. Automation tools for Linkedln updates. A look at Social Media listening and scheduling tools including:Google Alerts, Feedly, Buzzsumo, Anders Pink and Hootsuite)
  • How to become a better Account Manager using Linkedln. Cementing business relationships and generating referral  uslng your existing connections.
  • How to approach a business lead online. Crafting the perfect InMail
  • .Searching -Advanced techniques for finding prospects on Linkedln. Areas covered include: advanced people searches, Boolean logic and search strings, x-raying LinkedIn on Google and other networking sites for business leads. Mining Linkedln Groups-liow to find and communicate with prospects without using lnMails. Automating linkedln searches using Sales Navigator.
  • Prospecting on other Social Networks including Twitter, Goqgle+, lnstagram and Facebook.
  • Agreeing takeaways. Questions and Answers
5th June