Application Process

  • The following is a guide to making applications for Feasibility Study, Business Priming or Business Expansion funding. Information on how to apply for for Retail Initiatives, Export Development Grants, Trading Online Vouchers, Microfinance Loans & Innovation Vouchers can be found on the pages relating to these products

  • Depending on availability of financial resources, it may not always be possible to accept applications for Feasibility, Business Priming and Business Expansion funding. To check availability at any time, please call (01) 204 7083.

  • Upcoming Application Deadlines are;

Wednesday, 4th April 2018

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018

Wednesday, 6th June 2018

Where a funding application deadline has been published on this page, we must receive completed applications by no later than 4pm on that date. Funding Deadlines are subject to the availability of funds provided by the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation.

Register and Submit a Funding Application here

NB: We request that you contact our Enterprise Office prior to submitting an application.


2. Add the Following Documentation:- 

For Feasibility Study Grant Application

A separate Business Proposal must accompany an application form and contain the following information:-

  • A full description of the proposed idea
  • Profile of the target market and research undertaken to date
  • The objectives of the feasibility study
  • A profile of the promoter(s), including CV(s)
  • Full quotations in respect of third party costs you are seeking to incur (these cannot be historical costs). If the cost per supplier exceeds €4,999 then 3 written quotes will be required.

For Business Priming or Expansion Grant Application

A separate Business Plan must accompany an application form and contain the following information:-

  • A set of Financial Projections to include:-

    (a) Profit & Loss (Min. 3 Years)
    (b) Cashflow (Min. 1 Year)
    (c) Balance Sheet (Current)

You are not required to complete the financial projection templates as they appear in pages 17-23 of the application form; We will accept your own spreadsheet projections for this purpose.

  • Latest set of management accounts and/or year-end accounts 

  • A profile of the promoter(s), including CV(s)

A submission that is missing any of this information will be deemed incomplete and will not be brought forward for consideration

When Business Priming or Funding is available, we can only consider applications to support the salaries of new, full-time promoters and/or employees of qualifying micro-enterprises based in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown county.

3. Take note of Upcoming Funding Application Deadlines - Details above.