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Kildare Good News

The Covid-19 virus has certainly presented many of our Business clients and communities with serious challenges.

However, sometimes with challenge comes opportunity, and as said by Winston Churchill, we must never waste a good crisis!

Over recent weeks, we are seeing how businesses and communities have innovated and adapted despite the restrictions.

We want to share these inspiring, uplifting, funny and happy news, photos, videos and more to spread some #KildareGoodNews!


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Our next good news story comes from Erica Hargaden of Babogue Sleep Solutions.


Jacqui Mc Nabb Head of Enterprise Kildare County Council


Babogue Sleep Solutions

Babogue Sleep Solutions is a Sleep Consultancy service provided by Certified Child Sleep Consultant Erica Hargaden.


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“Babogue offers one to one consultancy and support services to parents who are struggling with their children’s sleep. Prior to COVID19 these were offered in two ways – a visit to your home or virtually via video call.

The week the schools closed I switched completely to my Virtual Sleep Solution package and have continued to work from home successfully. In fact, the volume of consultants I can facilitate has increased as I am no longer traveling to people’s homes, plus the demand is there for this product during this time.

Babogue also has an online sleep program called The Sleep Series. This product, which was developed with the assistance of the Local Enterprise Office Kildare, has been hugely successful to date with over 400 families now using the product across 11 countries. Within days of movements being restricted I could see that it was an ideal time for people to work on their children’s sleep plus the messages via my Instagram account were rising by the day – however people were losing their jobs.

So, I discounted the Sleep Series by 50% as my way to support families achieve their sleep goals during this difficult time. My followers were delighted as the support they needed was now within reach. This product has been hugely successful during the course of the different times we are living in for Babogue.”

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