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The Covid-19 virus has certainly presented many of our Business clients and communities with serious challenges.

However, sometimes with challenge comes opportunity, and as said by Winston Churchill, we must never waste a good crisis.

Over recent weeks, we are seeing how businesses and communities have innovated and adapted despite the restrictions.

We want to share these inspiring, uplifting, funny and happy news, photos, videos and more to spread some #KildareGoodNews!


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Our next good news story is from Niall Maher from


Jacqui Mc Nabb Head of Enterprise Kildare County Council download

Based in Mondello Park, builds world-class racing simulators and provides the best online racing services in Ireland. Niall Maher of tells us how the business was on hand to provide a safe solution for drivers following the cancellation of all motorsport events worldwide.

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“Ireland has a long and rich history in Motorsports and over the winter months every racing team, driver and enthusiast have waited patiently for the first days of spring when the lights go green on another racing season. However, the seriousness of COVID-19 has resulted in nearly every Motorsport event being postponed globally. was on hand and ready to provide a solution that enabled drivers to stay home and race without breaching any social distancing.

Our racing simulators are the perfect solution and our online racing league is renowned for its pedigree of drivers and its realism. We have been able to provide the global racing community with a virtual racing platform that brings the entire racing community together online in a time of isolation.

Our online races are run as closely as possible to a real-world event and allow drivers of all ages, genders, and abilities to share in their passion for motorsport on our virtual race tracks and on our social community on Discord and Facebook."

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