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Lonergan Group - Kildare Good News - Covid 19

Kildare Good News

The Covid-19 virus has certainly presented many of our Business clients and communities  with serious challenges.

However, sometimes with challenge comes opportunity, and as said by Winston Churchill, we must never ever waste a good crisis!

Over recent weeks, we are seeing how businesses and communities have innovated and adapted despite the restrictions.

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Our first good news story comes from Louise Lonergan of Lonergan Group.


Jacqui Mc Nabb Head of Enterprise Kildare County Council



Lonergan Group 

Lonergan Group have been specialists in strategic gifting since 1998 and are based in Celbridge, County Kildare. In response to Covid-19, CEO Louise Lonergan has acted fast and diversified her business. She is now supplying Health and Safety products to support her clients in looking after their staff and customers.


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Changes in the business environment at the moment has encouraged us at  Lonergan Group to adapt. We have diversified our product ranges to supply the same wrap around service to our clients using as many of our preferred and vetted suppliers as possible.

With the support of Kildare Local Enterprise Office, Covid-19 has enabled us to gain brand awareness and has encouraged export opportunities and provided us more exposure to the UK market. By the end of this we hope to be on a different playing field, where we offer the same excellent service but to more customers. This crises has also allowed us to test our business model of contractors and remote working. We are now directly helping client companies and staff and we are extremely proud to be  supplying those on the front-line.

We offer brainstorming and mentoring to overcome challenges posed by Covid-19 to client companies and our own staff.

We are lucky to have had wins in relation to Health & Safety product lines and we are also really enjoying supplying wellness packs to our clients staff. Its lovely to help staff struggling at home with no childcare and the obvious worries that come with this lockdown . We have ordered 2,500 Masks to be delivered free of charge to St. James Hospital with our huge thanks and gratitude. I hope to continue to do more for the front-line.”

Louise Lonergan, CEO Lonergan Group  


Louise Lonergan, CEO Lonergan Group

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