Brexit Impact Supports 2022

Brexit Briefing - What Has Changed and How it Affects You


A lot happened in the first year after the UK left the EU, as the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) and the Northern Ireland Protocol were put into effect. In the face of a global pandemic, it is perhaps understandable that Brexit was not the dominant business issue across Ireland throughout 2021 and it may have slipped down the agenda for many businesses as they adjusted to the new trading rules and focused on navigating a pandemic, but it remains a live issue that is set to continue to evolve and exert impact in 2022 and 2023.

After five years Brexit remains a source of uncertainty. The complexities surrounding the Protocol are the most prominent, but far from only, issue still to be resolved. The economic buffeting caused by the pandemic and a lack of detailed data has made it complicated to measure to what extent Brexit has impacted firms in both Ireland and NI. Trade and port traffic data shows there have been marked adjustments made to supply chains. However, more change remains underway.

Businesses will adjust and find a way to almost any situation they find themselves in. The last 22 months provide ample evidence of the ingenuity, adaptability and nimbleness businesses across the island can show. There is no certainty that trading conditions will not change again in the future. The ongoing extension of the UK waiver on checks is an example of this but cannot be a permanent arrangement. This marks a shift from a mindset of preparation and readiness to one of nimbleness flexibility and a focus on 'trade now'.

The following briefing will cover:

  • Background to Brexit Ireland’s
  • Most recent developments
  • Ireland Brexit exposure
  • Potential impacts on your business
  • A Brexit toolkit
  • Actions to manage Brexit in your business


If you have further questions on Brexit, or you require guidance on any of the above matters, please contact us