Kildare Hub Strategy

The Kildare Hub Strategy


This strategy sets for the coherent development of the hub’s infrastructure in Kildare and the network over the next three to four years.

Hubs and Coworking spaces have an expanded and important role to play in this new flexible work model by providing entrepreneurs and workers with office or desk space and shared facilities close to their homes and when they need them. Hubs also provide aspects of the social entrepreneurial network or the ‘ecosystem’ for clients and their staff and valuable services such as reception, meeting rooms, canteen facilities, storage, and parking. Hubs also play an important societal function in promoting a quality of life and healthy work / life balance for individuals and families

They are the conduits for entrepreneurship, enterprise creation and innovation and a key instrument in enterprise and industrial policy. The incubation cycle means that our enterprise hubs can continuously produce high value employment as clients start, grow, scale and exit.

They also support other strategic development objectives including decarbonisation, town centre renewal, digitalisation in SME’s and building strong communities of entrepreneurs.

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