My Business Circumstances have Changed

I have been approved for a grant but some of my costs or situation has changed? What can I do?

You must inform the LEO of any material change to your business and the appropriate action will be taken. If you wish to amend your approved cost headings then you must put it in writing the amendments you wish to make and a decision will be taken by the Enterprise Officer. For any new costs, the procurement process must be met with.



I have decided to relocate my business outside Kildare . Can I transfer my grant approval?

If the LEO has not yet paid your grant award then you will have to reapply to the relevant Local Enterprise Office in your new area. If the grant has been paid by the LEO then the file/grant is officially transferred to the LEO in your new area by the executive.


My business never really commenced and I drew down the first instalment of the salary grant. What do I owe the LEO?

You owe the LEO the full amount of the grant paid to you.