20 events announced for Kildare’s Local Enterprise Week 2024

20 events announced for Kildare’s Local Enterprise Week 2024


Local Enterprise Week takes please from 4th – 8th March



21 February 2024: Small businesses and budding entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to sample from 20 events aimed at helping them to start or grow their business as part of this year’s Local Enterprise Week in Kildare. 


The initiative of the Local Enterprise Offices nationwide, supported by Enterprise Ireland and each local authority, takes place across the country from the 4th to 8th March this year.  


While there are hundreds of events taking place nationally during the week, including two National Spotlight events that are free to attend online, there are plenty of events in Kildare.  These events will focus on lean leadership, sustainability and recognising the achievements of Kildare-based businesses in the annual Pride of Premises Awards.


A flavour of the events taking place across Kildare for Local Enterprise Week include a Business advisory clinic in Athy Enterprise Centre, the launch of our Start Your Own Food Business to nurture the future of our county’s status as an iconic food brand, a lean leadership workshop, and multiple sustainability events for businesses across all sectors.


Encouraging the business community in Kildare, Head of Enterprise and Economic Development Jacqui McNabb said: “Local Enterprise Week is a fantastic marker in the road for any business.  It’s an opportunity to take stock of where you are, see where you can grow, where you can innovate or maybe become more sustainable and see what resources are available on your doorstep.  There is something for everyone and those who maybe always had that ambition to start on their own, or a great idea, this is the week to see how to get started and make it happen.”


Join our Lean Leadership workshop on Tuesday March 5th, led by Martin Tierney of Seating Matters, a Lean Business Ireland and Red Dot Design award winner. Following participation in this Lean Leadership event, it is our objective to assist each participating company on their lean journey and in the implementation of the tools, techniques and employee engagement demonstrated by Martin.


Businesses can join, Understanding and leveraging future digital trends for your business online or via a group screening in MERITS on Wednesday 6th March. This webinar looks at what are the trends that will be emerging in the short and long term and how they will affect business.  The session will also delve into how you can adapt and leverage these trends for business success.


We are hosting an audience with Liz Bonnin in The Riverbank, Newbridge on Thursday 7th March.  The Sustainability imperative for business success will look at how sustainability is becoming a bigger factor in business survival and success. Headlined by world renowned Natural History and Environmental broadcaster, Liz Bonnin, it will show how small changes in your business can make a big impact and most importantly how you can start. We’ll also detail how to access government supports and grants on your sustainability journey.



Our events are open to all from budding entrepreneurs to established businesses and gives them the opportunity to get expert advice on key areas of business from financial skills, raising funds, exporting and boosting your business online to future trends such as sustainability and digitalisation. 


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More details for all the events taking place across the country during Local Enterprise Week, from March 4th to 8th, are available at www.LocalEnterprise.ie/Week