Kildare Local Enterprise Week Event focuses on the Sustainability Imperative for Business Success

Kildare Local Enterprise Week Event focuses on the Sustainability Imperative for Business Success

Without our Planet Thriving, we Cannot Thrive – Liz Bonnin Meets Kildare’s Business Community


Kildare County Council’s Local Enterprise Office celebrated Local Enterprise Week from 4th – 9th March with a series of events, talks and workshops to support businesses in the region.

World renowned Natural History and Environmental broadcaster, Liz Bonnin addressed hundreds of businesses in the Riverbank Theatre in Newbridge and via national live stream to focus on the Sustainability Imperative for Business Success.  The event focused on how sustainability is becoming a bigger and bigger factor in business survival. The event was led by Kildare County Council’s Local Enterprise Office with the goal of demonstrating to local businesses that small changes in your business can make a big impact, and most importantly how you can start.

The economic viability of reducing environmental footprint, is often at the forefront of business owners minds. Speaking to the businesses at the event, Liz outlined the possibility to design an economy that allows businesses and the environment to thrive, stating; “How many benefits can we generate in the way we manufacture a product? What else can it give back to the living systems of which we are a part, and that we rely on for our very survival? How can all business sectors work together to use resources again and again to create an ecosystem of resource use?”  “Without our Planet Thriving, we Cannot Thrive.”

Liz also shared some very practical tips that business owners and citizens alike could implement straight away that have significant impact:

  • Stop using takeaway cups!
  • Buy energy only from suppliers who generate their supply from 100% renewable resources.
  • Move your savings, pension or investments into funds that are not investing in fossil fuel or petrochemical industries.
  • Invest in reusable bags and leave packaging at the supermarket till.


Encouraging the business community in Kildare to work with the Local Enterprise Office on their sustainability journey, Head of Enterprise and Economic Development Jacqui McNabb said: “Moving towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy is a journey which presents both a challenge and an opportunity for Irish businesses. Organisations now need to develop a sustainability plan, covering everything from resource efficiency to supply chain, to adapt to this ambition to transition to a low-carbon, circular economy. The Local Enterprise can assist on this journey with fully funded sustainability consultancy support and access to the new Energy Efficiency Grant.”

Speaking at the same event was Ronan Murphy of Vision Green Consultancy who work with many small business owners on developing a ‘greener’ policy can offer many benefits to your business.

Businesses can apply to their local enterprise office for two days of mentoring with a specialist Green Consultant like Ronan – this will include recommendations on specific changes which your business can implement.

There are a number of supports available to businesses in Kildare who are looking to begin their sustainability journey.

Green for Business is a FREE programme that helps small businesses take the first step towards becoming more sustainable, giving you access to a green consultant who’ll show you the small changes that can have a big impact on your companyand the world around you.

The Energy Efficiency Grant supports the investment in technologies and equipment identified in a Green for Micro Report, GreenStart Report or a SEAI Energy Audit with 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum grant of €8,000. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the impact of enterprises on the environment thereby increasing the agility and resilience of these businesses.

Enterprise Europe Network provides access to specialised business advisors with expertise in sustainability.  They can help you identify the best ways to benefit from a more sustainable business model.

Based on a thorough assessment of the needs and challenges of your company they provide tailored advice and tap into EEN’s vast potential to find innovation partners, new green technologies, and market opportunities for sustainable solutions.

The Enterprise Europe Network services in Ireland are delivered by the Local Enterprise Offices.

Speaking after the event, Kathleen Scully, Vacuum and Pressure Services Limited based in Clane said:“Liz’s contribution was very thought provoking and inspirational. Once again the “ball” is in our court,we have started our sustainability journey, and we want to continue to make a difference but  none of this would be possible without the help and support of Local Enterprise Office Kildare. We’re looking forward to continuing our journey of Learning, Inspiration and Inclusion in the coming months.”

To take the first or next step on your business’ sustainability journey contact the Local Enterprise Office via 045 980838 /