Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme

Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme

The TBESS was introduced to support businesses with increases in their electricity or natural gas (energy) costs. Your business can make a claim under the scheme if it:

  • is tax compliant
  • carries on a Case I trade or Case II profession. This includes charities and approved sporting bodies that carry on certain activities
  • and
  • has experienced a significant increase of 50% or more in its electricity and, or natural gas average unit price.

Qualifying businesses can claim for 40% of the increases in their energy bills. The increase in energy bills must be between the ‘claim period’ and the ‘reference period’.

A claim period is a calendar month from September 2022 to April 2023. A reference period is the corresponding calendar month in the previous year. For example, September 2021 is the reference period for the September 2022 claim period.

Further information on the scheme is contained in the TBESS guidelines.

Resources available on Revenue website re TBESS

Three videos are available on Revenue’s home page to assist businesses in availing of the TBESS.

The videos cover:

  1.  How to register for ROS
  2.  How to register for the TBESS
  3.  How to claim for the TBESS

Please see the following link to watch the videos: Webinar and 'How to' videos on the TBESS (revenue.ie)


Additional information on TBESS is available at:

Qualifying criteria for eligible businesses (revenue.ie)