Export Development

Export Development

For many Local Enterprise Office Kildare clients, their market is local or regional, for others, particularly in the technology, manufacturing and services sectors, the market potential is global. The Irish domestic market may simply be too small or underdeveloped, and selling internationally is the next step. Local Enterprise Office Kildare has the express aim of helping clients to strategise and plan for export sales and international business.

Local Enterprise Office Kildare's export supports are intended for those enterprises, who;

  • Are reaching market saturation in Ireland
  • Need economies of scale to be competitively priced
  • Have a truly innovative offering with global appeal
  • Have demand from international customers,
  • Are seeing more competition from international companies
  • Can reach global markets with their digital marketing.

We are now in a world of global competition and global markets, so why not go global?

There are many challenges when selling overseas, from language and culture to regulations and standards, from currency concerns to commissions, packaging to promotion, so do we stay or do we go?

First export sales are often accidental. Or markets are targeted because of connections or language without research or due diligence.

A lack of resources and understanding of what’s required can limit ability to scale or realize value, or worse, can bring a good business down.


First-time exporters often encounter challenges. Some of these hurdles arise due to common mistakes that can be avoided with careful planning and strategic insight.

If you’re considering selling into new markets, or are in the very early stages of exporting, LEO Kildare’s export-specific advisors will provide that strategic insight and work with you 1-1 as you start that journey.


Expressions of interest in our First Time Exporters Support Programme can be submitted HERE.


The Export Accelerator gets companies on their way to address the challenges by giving the, the tools to;

✓ Do the Market Research - to pick the optimal export market

✓ Validate market demand, verify product/market fit

✓ Develop a differentiated value proposition for competitive advantage

✓ Consider the impact of culture, language and demographics

✓ Learn about standards and regulations

✓ Consider different business models and Routes To Market

✓ Work on a Go To Market Strategy

✓ Optimize sales process, channel management, customer experience

✓ Learn how to manage performance – set targets, track progress

✓ Consider resources required – finance, people, skills, business software, tools etc

The outcome of the Accelerator will be a well-researched and validated Export Plan.

The Export Accelerator combines workshops and 1-1 mentoring over a 4-6 month period.

The Enterprise Europe Network can also offer a targeted approach aimed specifically at a business who wants to grow in international markets and find international partners. In addition, the Network will help companies innovate, access EU funding, increase their resilience and support SMEs in their transition to more sustainable and digital business models.

The Network manages Europe's largest online database of business opportunities.

Search for business or academic partners to manufacture, distribute, co-develop and supply your products, ideas and services

To set up a profile on the EEN portal please complete this brief form and one of the EEN team will contact you directly - https://submit.link/2BB