Women in Business

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Kildare Women in Business network

Kildare Local Enterprise Office is committed to empowering Kildare’s Women in Business, providing a space for collaboration, learning, development, and business opportunities.

She Succeeds events take place each month and focus on different areas of business development.

She Succeeds aims to:

  • Increase the number of women-led Kildare based companies growing internationally
  • Increase the number of women becoming entrepreneurs
  • Increase the number of women-led start-ups with high growth potential

She Succeeds works closely with Network Ireland (Kildare Branch), supporting female enterpreneurs through networking and mentoring.

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2024 schedule of events

May 14th: FOCUS ON EXPORT: Scaling a service-based business 


Growth refers to the addition of resources – that might be staff, equipment or an increased marketing budget, all achievable as cashflow increases. How is scaling is different than growth? Scaling uses strategies to grow the business more efficiently without adding costs or resources. The focus is on improving solutions and producing a consistent service. BOOK HERE

June: Weekly Digital Health Check 1:1 Clinics


For the month of June, we are offering a free 1-1 Digital Health-Check for all our Women in Business Cluster Members. We’ll look at your social media presence, branding and engagement. In addition, website structure analysis including a security check, responsive testing and SEO review. APPLY HERE

September: How Going Green Can Make You More Profitable 


FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY: A business that employs energy-efficient technologies is likely to experience a significant drop in their energy consumption. Together with one of our sustainability consultants, we’ll discuss how 3 female entrepreneurs implemented a successful sustainability focus to their business. BOOKING LINK COMING SOON

October: National Women’s Enterprise Day with Network Ireland Kildare Branch


National Women’s Enterprise Day, Ireland’s largest female enterprise event is a full day programme to promote, encourage and stimulate female entrepreneurship across Ireland. It is designed and led by women and is an annual high point in promoting entrepreneurship to women in Ireland. FURTHER DETAILS TO FOLLOW

November: FOCUS ON WOMEN IN BUSINESS: Goal Setting 


We all know there’s nothing more frustrating than setting yourself a goal and not achieving it. We will talk about goal setting for personal and professional success, common challenges faced on the road to achievement, and step-by-step strategies for realising your goals. This session aims to provide proven goal-setting techniques to help improve working processes. BOOKING LINK COMING SOON

December 3rd: FOCUS ON WOMEN IN BUSINESS: Your Network


A festive gathering to celebrate the achievements of the women that make up our growing Women in Business Cluster in Kildare. SAVE THE DATE!