Enable Enterprise Culture

Kerry County Council plays an important role in supporting economic development and enterprise promotion at local level through economic planning and development and the provision of local services and infrastructure.

Full details on county council activities are available on www.kerrycoco.ie

The council acts as a point of contact for businesses in relation to information on and access to the range of local services such as water, waste, infrastructure etc. and also on matters such as planning, building, business rates, licensing and a range of other services

Kerry County Council successfully delivers a host of projects each year to the benefit of local businesses and communities. This is generally achieved using an inter-agency approach where Kerry County Council leverages more significant national resources to deliver on projects with a long-term benefit to local enterprise and employment. The supportive role of local government is fundamental to enterprise generation and economic development at a local level. Indeed, local authority input is essential across the full spectrum of actions outlined in the national “Action Plan for Jobs”.

 Local government activities on the ground to support enterprise span a broad range of activities which include: 

  • supporting enterprise agencies and business networking events; 
  • provision of enterprise infrastructure such as serviced sites, incubation centres and planning support;
  • establishing venues, sporting facilities and tourism products
  • driving a host of local festivals and events that support employment
  • local government support is also critical to the success of initiatives ranging from FDI and micro-enterprises, to rural broadband or major investment in service infrastructure,  alternative energy and the green economy;
  • the marketing, promotion and branding of counties/cities, or particular enterprises or tourist products within the local area.

This combined with the significant level of capital investment in arts, tourism, sports, recreation and community infrastructure, has a very positive impact on employment supports and economic recovery.