GradStart Programme

Gradstart is an Enterprise Ireland supported scheme that can be accessed by qualifying client companies of the Local Enterprise Office. GradStart offers financial support to hire top graduate talent and develop a talent pipeline.  One Irish or International graduate can be hired at any one time for a two-year period by companies.  During the placement, the company must define the a project aligned to its growth plan for each graduate to complete.  Graduates are also assigned an in-company mentor to support their development.

Key Points to note:

  • Only limited companies are eligible for the scheme.
  • Companies must operate in the manufacturing or internationally traded services sector.
  • Companies must employ a minimum of 5 staff.
  • Roles in any discipline are eligible for support, except for direct sales and direct marketing positions.
  •  A graduate’s working week must be in line with a company’s standard working hours for full-time employees.
  • Graduates must have graduated in the last four years
  • The company must clearly demonstrate the specific purpose of a language graduate and how that language will be utilised to deliver on the project.

Financial Support



Language Support


(€15,000 per year) or 50% of

individual graduate salary

costs (whichever is lesser).


(€21,000 per year on a

maximum allowable salary

of €30,000 per year) or 70%

of individual graduate salary

costs (whichever is lesser).  

The graduate role must

clear requirement for

language proficiency.

How to apply:

All company applications for funding should be discussed with a member of the team in the Local Enterprise Office Kerry prior to submission.  To find out more and apply for the GradStart Programme click here. All applications for Gradstart can be made throughout the year.