Start Your Own Business Course

What is the 'Start Your Own Business' course?

The Start Your Own Business course is delivered LIVE VIA ZOOM over 8 evening or morning 2.5 hour workshops, with each workshop covering different aspects of starting and managing a successful business. The course is delivered through practical and interactive training and at the end of the course, participants will have completed a draft Business Plan. Participants will also avail of telephone and email support from the trainers.

Brain Storming

Who the course is for:

  • Anyone with a business idea they want to develop
  • Anyone looking at self-employment as a realistic career option
  • Anyone who has recently started a business
  • People who are committed to focusing on their business development
  • People who want to produce a business plan

What you can expect from the course:

  • Access to experienced business trainers who have successfully started their own businesses
  • Access to experienced trainers across marketing, business development and finance
  • Practical case studies and presentations from local people who have started their own businesses
  • Key advice on the steps to starting a business
  • Easy to understand, practical information and guidance with comprehensive notes for future reference
  • A clear set of targets for your business success and income requirements
  • A reasonable idea of whether the business will be feasible or not
  • An action plan to develop your business and a business plan to guide you through the start up phase

What we expect from you:

  • Commitment to attending all workshops
  • Commitment to researching the idea and taking direction from the trainers
  • Commitment to producing a draft of a business plan by the end of the programme

Programme Outline

doing accounts

Getting Started

  • Setting achievable goals
  • The Business Plan and introduction to the Business Model
  • The elements that make a business successful
  • Gauging if your business idea is viable
  • Information and how to get it
  • Planning and organising the business
  • Step by step guide to getting started

Tax and the Law

  • Choosing the right legal structure
  • Basics of Irish Tax system: Income tax, Universal Social Charge, PRSI
  • Your obligations
  • Calculating the cut-off point, Tax credits and reliefs
  • Calculating expenses 

Researching the market

  • Creating a profile of customers and competitors
  • Methods and sources of Market research
  • SWOT analysis
  • Creating a market research plan

 Marketing- product, price, promotion, place

  • Positioning
  • Making the most of press, social networks and media
  • Advertising, packaging and branding
  • Creating a Marketing Plan 

Financial Management

  • Cashflow management
  • Sources of finance
  • Variable, Fixed and Capital costs
  • Break Even Point
  • Pricing 

Sales and Communication

  • Creating leads
  • Communicating effectively with your customers
  • Customer Care strategies 

VAT and Book keeping

  • Responsibilities, records and completing the books
  • Designing a simple book-keeping system that works

The Business Plan

  • Drawing all the elements together
  • Presentation
  • Time management
  • Action planning
  • The future