How to advertise on Facebook and Instagram (two part course)

How to advertise on Facebook and Instagram (two part course)

This two-part course – delivered live online - will explain what you need to know in order to advertise on Facebook and Instagram including how to target your ads, measure the enquiries and sales and improve the performance of your ads.

Delivered over two sessions, the first half of this comprehensive course will provide you with a good understanding of how to advertise on Facebook and Instagram using the Ads Tool, how to target ads with the Ads Tool and how to use more advanced options such as retargeting your website visitors and lookalike audiences. 

The second half of the course will look at how to approx. run the ad campaign and how to take your campaigns to the next level tracking how many sales and enquiries you get on your website, not just clicks on your ads. We will also look at campaign insights in more detail and how to design your ad. 

It is important to attend both sessions.


Who is this course suitable for?

  • This is suitable for you if you already use Facebook and you are using a Facebook business page for marketing. You do not need to have an Instagram account for your business.
  • This is not suitable for people who do not have a Facebook business page and are unsure how Facebook works e.g., Beginners.
  • This programme is not for digital marketing trainers / consultants or website designers


What we will cover 

Part 1 

  1. Overview of where your ads can appear
  2. Why you should use the ads tool rather the Boost post button
  3. How to get to the ads tool (And why you might find it tricky to find)
  4. Which campaign objective should you choose?
  5. Intermediate level ways to target your ads
    • Around your town, county, country or multiple countries
    • By demographics and behaviours
    • By interests – what people have shown an interest in on Facebook
    • To your Facebook page followers
  6. Advanced ways to target your ads based on
    • Who has engaged with you on Instagram and Facebook
    • Who has visited your website
    • Lookalike audiences


Part 2 

  1. How to turn a post into an ad using the Ads tool.
    • How to get to the ads tool since the recent redesign on Facebook
    • What objective should you choose
    • Overview of budget, targeting and placement
    • How do you then monitor your campaign to see how each adset is preforming
    • How to check which audience (adset) is performing the best
    • How to setup conversion tracking in order to track the sales and enquiries generated by your ads.
  2. How to design eye-catching images for your ads in Canva
  3. Things you need to get right on your website when driving people from ads to your site

What do you need?

A laptop/pc/Mac/tablet to take part in the course.  You will need to be able to hear sound either through speakers or headphones but you do not need a webcam.  Please note that the larger the screen you use the better the experience will be. 

This course will be delivered by Evan Mangan of The Marketing Crowd 


BOOK YOUR PLACE ON THIS COURSE NOW or if there is no course available at present, please contact a member of our team on 066 7183522 or email to express an interest and we can include you on the waiting list for the next available course