Prepare Your Business For Customs

Prepare Your Business for Customs 

This three hour Online Workshop has been designed to give participants a broad overview of relevant trade and customs procedures to ensure compliance with international export and import requirements.

The workshop is suitable for anyone with no prior knowledge in trade and customs procedures as well as those who are looking to review their prior knowledge, especially in the context of the UK leaving the European Union.

The workshop is organized into 4 sessions, each lasting approximately 45 minutes with appropriate time for breaks. The small group format is designed to provided space for detailed questions and ensure that knowledge is imparted in a practical and engaging way

Detailed Programme of the Online Workshop

Session 1

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Trade compliance, commercial practices
  • EU and UK trade tariff
  • Customs duties – Tariff classification, origin and valuation

Session 2

  • Who is responsible
  • Commercial arrangements / Incoterms® 2020
  • Customs compliance
  • Agents
  • Making a declaration
  • Systems

Session 3.1

  • Trade with the UK and making sense of Brexit
  • Withdraw Agreement and Northern Ireland
  • Transit though the UK (“Land bridge”)
  • UK import procedures for goods from Ireland/EU

Session 3.2

  • Special Customs Procedures and Arrangements available in Ireland/EU/UK
  • Authorized Economic Operators
  • Additional points to consider
  • Recap and additional training opportunities

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Andrew Grainger

Dr Andrew Grainger is a trade facilitation practitioner, academic and educator with over 20 years of experience. As the Director of Trade Facilitation Consulting Ltd, he is regularly contracted by government agencies, companies and international organisations. He is also an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham and collaborates with other leading universities and research institutes, too. In previous roles, Andrew was the Deputy Director for Trade Procedures at SITPRO, the UK’s former trade facilitation agency, and Secretary for EUROPRO, the umbrella body for European trade facilitation organisations. On a number of occasions, he served as a witness to the UK Parliament, served as an expert for the European Commission, and has produced studies for the European Parliament. His PhD thesis in Supply Chain Management and Trade Facilitation was awarded the prestigious Palgrave Macmillan Prize for best PhD in Maritime Economics and Logistics 2005-2008. Andrew has authored many papers within the subject of trade and customs procedures and is an executive member of the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU).