Grow Your Business Programme

Grow Your Business Programme

Are you the owner of a business trading for two years or more? Do you want to Grow Your Business? If so, the Grow Your Business Programme is for you.

The Programme will enable you to develop a strategic approach to growing your business. You will gain greater understanding of your business finances and marketing strategies, enabling you to grow your business in efficient, sustainable and cost-effective ways.

Programme Deliverables

On completion of the programme you will:

  • Have a clear Vison of the direction you wish to take the business
  • Have in place a clear strategic growth framework for the next 5 years, mapping out the direction you are taking
  • Be clear on exactly how you can maximise sales, both through existing customers and targeting new market segments
  • Have a clear understanding of Cashflow management, effective pricing of your product or service, and efficient cost management
  • Know what potential sources of finance are available and how to access them
  • Have in place a marketing plan, mapping out the different tools you can use to help achieve your goals
  • Know how to interpret and analyse your Financial Statements, and prepare Budgets and Cashflow Projections to guide you in the future growth of your business.

This programme is an opportunity for you to dig deep and really ‘know’ your business, and to strengthen your skills and systems thus creating opportunities for growth based on solid foundations. You will take ownership of your business and lead your team to success.

The Grow Your Business Programme will give you a solid knowledge of all the components of a Successful business, covering the Market, the Money and the Management.

You will gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to:

  • Analyse your business – current Financial situation/performance, Costing, Pricing, Profit margins, Overheads, Financial statements (the Money); Market position, Market Opportunities, Customers, Products, (The Market), your personal Strengths and Weaknesses, your personal effectiveness in the business, communications, leadership, infrastructure (The Management)

(where you are now)

  • Create a Business Growth Plan – Revisiting or creating your Personal and Business Vision, setting measurable Goals, leveraging Market Opportunities, Creating Sales targets, Financial Planning, developing a Strategic Plan which fits with your business Vision, Ambition and Strengths.

(where you want to be)

  • Develop your capacity - personal and structural to grow your Business. Improve your existing systems and structures using LEAN and Quality Management methodology. Consolidate your position in the business, as owner and leader and as an inspiration to your colleagues and customers. Develop an Action Plan to achieve the goals set out in your Business Growth Plan – creating a measurable Marketing plan, Financial plan and Management plan with commercial and business milestones.

(how you will get there)

The Programme consists of 8 training sessions, with 2 individual one hour 1:1 mentoring sessions with the trainer(s).

Successful applicants are expected to commit to attending all sessions and to complete the various Actions recommended by the trainers to ensure the successful Growth of your Business.