Grow Your Business Programme

Grow Your Business Programme

This series of 8 1.5-hour online webinars is designed for business owner/managers who have a real desire to grow their business. It encompasses a mixture of strategic planning tools along with a focus on some of the common areas impeding growth on a day to day basis. Participants should be prepared to complete a number of exercises for their own business and in addition to the 8 webinars there will be a number of online workshops designed to help participants through this work. Finally, a number of 1:1 mentoring sessions may also be provided as required.


The 2 facilitators providing this course previously worked together building a start-up business from €0 to €1m in annual revenues, and profitability, before selling it to a UK competitor and today they own and run their own advisory business, working on a daily basis with businesses of all sizes and types providing guidance and mentoring through the challenges of business growth. Some of the common challenges they observe or hear said include the following:

  • Businesses that are struggling to grow beyond a certain size/ceiling
  • “No one in the team can really do it as well as I will”
  • “I have a long list of urgent tasks that I can never seem to complete”
  • “I don’t have the time for Strategic Planning”
  • Not having a clear picture of how all of the aspects of the business hang together
  • A lack of tools to help mange price and margin, the sales process or longer-term objective management.


Module 1 – Introduction to Strategic Planning

Understanding the stages of a Strategic Plan, starting with Why your business exists and feeding all the way down to a detailed action plan by the end of the Programme.

Module 2 – Understanding why businesses fail to grow or simply fail and an Introduction to Lean Start up

Understanding why business struggle and how this might relate to your business and then moving into a business process titled Lean Start-up, which equally applies to the growth of existing companies, and is designed for these fast-changing times.

Module 3 – Mapping and understanding your business model

We will help you map out your Business Model utilising the Business Model Canvas and then help you to carry out a SWOT analysis on your business today that will highlight areas to focus on within your Strategic Plan.

Module 4 – Pricing your product for growth

We will look at a number of pricing models for your product or service and explore how pricing feeds into your margin and breakeven analysis. We will also cover other pricing related topics such as the pros and cons of Discounting.

Module 5 – Managing an effective Sales Process

Outlining the components, and the importance, of an effective Sales process with a particular focus on selling in a virtual world.

Module 6 – Effective Financial Management

Touching on some of the most important aspects of good financial management, including understanding financial statements, being aware of what your accountant will normally be responsible for and what you need to know and do yourself and walking through a simple but effective cash forecasting template.

Module 7 – Personal Effectiveness

Under this broad heading we will work through some common challenges we see in owner managed businesses, highlight how urgent often overrules important and explore some common traps in decision making.

Module 8 – Developing and Implementing your Business Growth Plan

Taking all the learnings from each of the previous modules, we will work through the stages of your Growth plan helping you identify key Objectives and Actions you will focus on for your business and introduce you to a structure you can use to manage these.