Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business


This course will be delivered LIVE online via Zoom.
It comprises a 3-hour weekly workshop over a period of 3 weeks.


New and existing businesses wishing to develop a strong brand for their business.
This course is aimed at independent business owners within the SME sector who want to acquire the branding knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to take ownership of their BRAND and bring it to life.


Learn what factors make for a successful brand.
Participants on this training Course will gain the knowledge required to brand their business effectively.
Practical ‘how to’ guides and templates on branding will help participants to:

  • Understand Branding - What make for a strong brand
  • Defining your Brand offering - How to position your brand in the marketplace
  • How to identify your Unique Selling points
  • Creating your Brand story
  • Creating your brand plan Roadmap.
  • How to create good brand identity and logo design
  • Bring your Brand to Life
  • Communicating your Brand effectively
  • Protecting your brand identity from infringement
  • Understand the importance of good branding & packaging design
  • Gain the knowledge required to brand and package products and services effectively.


By the end of the workshop the participants will: Have greater understanding of branding and the branding process. Have analysed and evaluated their current brand — Brand Audit. Have defined their brand. Who they are — Brand Vision, What they do — Brand Position, Why it matters — Brand Values. Have a clear Brand Blueprint to enable them to bring their business vision to life. They will have learned the value of design for business and feel confident as their own brand ambassador, building customer loyalty, as well as maintaining and protecting their brand.


The one-on-one mentoring sessions will allow the participants to focus on areas of branding specific to their business.
The trainer will guide the participants through developing and executing their brand blueprint and help elevate their brand to the next level. The aim of the mentoring is that the participants will come away clear, motivated and ready to take on the world. This session will be followed up with a report and detailed action plan.


The mentoring will give clarity to what needs to be done specific to their business and the action plan will detail how to do it. Each action plan will be unique to each business—it may be focus on brand consistency on printed collateral, branding their online presence or even a complete rebrand. The aim of the action plan is to give clarity to what needs to be implemented—a roadmap of where to go next.