Prepare Your Business for Customs workshop December 2021

Delivered LIVE via Zoom
Wednesday 1st December 2021
9.30am to 4pm

This workshop provides the opportunity to understand the requirements for your business as to how to meet and comply with the current customs requirements.

Booked Out

The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) has been awarded the Enterprise Ireland contract to design and deliver the Prepare Your Business For Customs training to Local Enterprise Office's. The programme will cover the essentials of export and import customs compliance with a particular focus on Post-Brexit trade between Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Participants will learn how tariffs work and the need to correctly classify goods. The programme will also help participating companies to brainstorm the urgent tasks and applications needed to mitigate costly delays and penalties. Workshops can be tailored to meet the specific sectors of participating companies and the challenges they face.

The training programme will cover 5 modules:

  • Understanding Customs
  • Customs Concepts
  • Customs Clearance Processes
  • Understanding Special Customs Procedures
  • Customs Authorisations