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Longford LEO Services

Longford LEO offers a wide range of services to help start-ups and established companies wishing to grow within Longford, including offering a 'First Stop Shop' for local entrepreneurs and business people needing information and advice on how to go about setting up or expanding their business in Longford.

How Our 'First Stop Shop' Works: 

At Longford LEO, we have an open door policy offering business advice and information to any local business person wishing to avail of our service. As part of our 'First Stop Shop' service, we provide a range of information resources to our clients, including:

  • business publications and periodicals
  • market information and research
  • business registration 
  • patents and intellectual property
  • company law
  • employment legislation
  • health and safety legislation
  • business support schemes operated by public agencies

Other services we offer include offering Financial Supports, Training and Development and Mentoring to local businesses!