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Loughrey's Pharmacy's Lean for Micro Case Study

Lean for Micro Case Studies

Lean for Micro Case Studies: Loughrey’s Pharmacy

Loughrey’s Pharmacy was established in 2002 on Dublin Street, Longford with two employees. Expansion saw two further stores, in Drumlish and in Harbour Row, now with over 20 employees. Loughrey's provide dispensing services in all three stores, vaccinations and first aid triage services and the retail of cosmetics, skincare and other products. 

The three stores were all operating independently, however, when owner Padraig Loughrey became aware that Lean was available from Longford Local Enterprise Office, he realised all could benefit from streamlining some of their processes.

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Loughrey's CarePlus Pharmacy

What Day-to-Day Operational Issues did Lean Tackle?

Through Lean many processes could be made more efficient, for example better organised workstations as finding what you needed was taking too much time away from more important business. There was no standard process for taking customers' prescriptions and it was taking too long to put orders away. Finding efficiencies were needed, communications between management and staff needed improvement and ordering needed streamlining across all stores.

What practical changes were made to the business as a result of Lean? Are those changes paying off?

The company now uses the same processes across all three of their stores wherever possible. For example, all prescription requests are handled the same way. Workstations have also been completely reorganised and communications between management and staff has improved. These are example of LEAN improvements, resulting in greater staff productivity, with tasks completed in the most efficient way. Lean changes are paying off with reduced costs for the business.

Does Lean help safeguard the business in the context of BREXIT and COVID-19?

Brexit exacerbated some supply chain issues for the company, however, LEAN though Padraig how to address these issues in an efficiently, applying improvements across all three stores. COVID-19 also resulted in changes to how Loughrey's do business, with LEAN allows the company to embrace change. Lean helped to tackle COVID-19 by finding solutions and introducing new services such as online sales and delivery.

Would Loughrey's Recommend Lean to other Longford businesses?

Padraig recommends LEAN as it made him look at all aspects of the business with an objective eye. The result was many efficiencies, great staff productivity and highlighting potential savings for the business .

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