The Application Process.

The Local Enterprise Office can offer financial support to start up and established small businesses operating in County Longford.

Projects are assessed against a number of criteria and we recommend that you contact our offices and seek advice on the eligibility of your project.  Projects are assessed against the following criteria:-

  • The quality of the project proposal and its local relevance and economic benefits
  • The commercial viability of the enterprise and of the project proposal
  • Availability of matching finance/current funding position of the enterprise and proposed sources of funding
  • The cost effectiveness of the proposition
  • The contribution of the proposal to the development of the enterprise in terms of internal capacity
  • Potential for deadweight or displacement
  • Impact on poverty, equality, rural development and the environment.

Priority must be given to manufacturing and internationally traded services, which over time can develop into strong export entities and graduate to the Enterprise Ireland portfolio; tourism projects aimed predominantly at overseas visitors and locally provided services promoted by the unemployed or those recently made redundant and also women re-entering the workforce.

How do I go about making an application?

A grant application can be made by completing an application form and submitting it to the Local Enterprise Office located in the area where the business will operate. On receipt of an application, an enterprise officer will contact the promoter to arrange a meeting or seek additional information.

If I find it difficult to fill in the form, where can I get assistance?

Staff in the Local Enterprise Office are available to assist promoters to complete applications forms and highlight supporting documentation required.

If I am still at the ideas stage can I discuss it with the Local Enterprise Office?

Yes, most Local Enterprise Offices operate information centres and employ Business Advisers who will be in a position to discuss your proposal with you and identify the most appropriate supports/steps to take to advance your business proposition. Staff will also be in a position to direct you towards appropriate soft supports such as training courses, mentors and workshops etc.

Can I be guaranteed that my ideas will be kept confidential?

Any discussion between the Local Enterprise Office and businesses/individuals looking for assistance are held in the strictest confidence.

Anything else?

Just give us a call!