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Enterprise Development and Enterprise Culture

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Enterprise Development and Enterprise Culture

Longford Local Enterprise Office acts as a catalyst and advocate for Enterprise Development, with a high-level of coordination and collaboration between Longford LEO and other stakeholders to support the micro and small business sector.

Longford LEO also advocates for an Enterprise Culture, one where people are creative and not reluctant to take risks, cognisant of the potential benefit of doing so. Most successful businesses in Ireland in recent years typify this Enterprise Culture, with Longford LEO directly involved in programmes and events with the ultimate objective of increasing the future opportunity for business success. 

Longford LEO Working Towards Increased Enterprise Development and Enterprise Culture

Longford LEO opens up Longford County Council Business Support Services, acting as a first point of contact for anyone with a business related query and encouraging greater dialogue between the County Council and the Business Sector. Learn more about this here.

Longford LEO promotes Enterprise Education for young people, as well as young budding entrepreneurs to support our Enterprise Development and Enterprise Culture. 

In seeking to develop a thriving Enterprise Culture, it is critical that young people from all backgrounds see enterprise as a viable career choice and through our Student Enterprise Programme, Longford LEO hopes to foster entrepreneurial qualities and mindset from an early stage.

Similarly, Longford LEO's involvement in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur looks for the best new ideas from dynamic, innovative young business people who are starting out with their business idea, have formed a start-up or already have an established business. 

Longford LEO also recognises the hard work and talent within Longford small business, with our involvement in the National Enterprise Awards showcasing the best of Longford business.

Longford LEO also supports the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) which brings together around 600 business support organisations from more than 60 countries to help small companies seize the unparalleled business opportunities in the EU Single Market, furthering Enterprise Development and a Culture of Enterprise.