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Our Mentoring Services

Longford LEO's Mentoring Programme is a great way for local businesses to gain expert one-to-one advice and guidance tailored to their business and its specific needs.

How Our Mentoring Programme Works: 

  • Our Mentoring Programme connects local business people to business experts
  • Mentors typically help businesses in the areas of general management, financial structuring, production planning, marketing, distribution, corporate organisation and strategic planning
  • Mentors offer their knowledge, skills, insights and observations and give practical and strategic advice to local business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Short-term assignments help local businesses and entrepreneurs in any areas they wish to improve on
  • Assignments are governed as to duration, confidential and outlined in a contract between the mentor and the client
  • Mentors are not involved in the day-to-day management of the business, but are there to offer independent, expert advice

For further information call us on 0433343346