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Revenue Supports For Starting Your Business

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The Revenue is a governmental body responsible for fairly and efficiently collecting taxes and duties and implementing Customs controls. Revenue has many relevant services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), please find an outline of these services below, along with links on where to get further information.

Starting a Business

Revenue provide helpful information on the necessary steps which need to be taken in order to start a business in Ireland. This includes information on Registering for Tax, Paying Your Tax, Tax Clearance, Claiming a Deduction for Expenses, Different Incentives for Start-Ups and SMEs, Information on Stamp Duty and Customs When Importing or Exporting and information on Licencing.

Self-Assessment and Self-Employment

Revenue provides information about tax and tax compliance for the self-employed. Information includes A Guide to Self-Assessment, Filing Your Tax Return, Third-Party Returns, Mandatory e-Filing, Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) and Tax related to Professional Services, Farming and the Construction Industry

Employing People

Revenue provide information on your business’s tax obligations when hiring and paying employees, as well as your obligations when that employment ends. Information includes Becoming an Employer and Ongoing Obligations, Hiring an Employee, Paying an Employee, Paying Your Employees’ Tax to Revenue, Benefit-in-Kind for Employers, Employee Expenses, Illness Benefit, Universal Social Charge, Employment Related Tax Returns and Forms and When Employment Ends

Tax Obligations of SMEs

Revenue provide information on the Tax Obligations of SMEs, including sector-specific taxes. These include information on the Tax Relief and Exemptions, Tax Clearance, Excise and Licences, as well as other taxes specific to certain industries and sectors.  

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