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JobsPlus Employer Incentive Scheme

JobsPlus Employer Incentives Scheme

JobsPlus Employer Incentive Scheme

JobsPlus Employer Incentive Scheme, from the Department of Social Protection, encourages and rewards employers who offer employment opportunities to the long term unemployed.

How Does the JobsPlus Employer Incentive Scheme Work:

The Scheme offers grants, which are payable monthly in arrears via Electronic Funds Transfer over a two-year period. The person employed under the Scheme must remain in employment with the same employer (who is taking part in the Scheme) during this time period. 

The incentive is targeted at the more long term unemployed and is set at two levels:

  • recruits unemployed for more than 12 months but less than 24 months: €7,500
  • recruits unemployed for more than 24 months: €10,000

Main Eligibility Criteria:

  • Jobs must be full-time employments of over 30 hours per week, spanning at least four days per week
  • Employers must be compliant with Irish Tax and Employment Laws
  • Eligible jobs must not displace any other employee

How To Apply for the JobsPlus Employer Incentives Scheme:

Employers register on here to become an eligible employer under the Scheme (employers will also be able to instruct potential employees to apply online to verify their status as an eligible employee under the Scheme). 

Click here for further information on the JobsPlus Employer Incentives Scheme