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Financial Supports

Longford LEO offers a wide range of financial supports to assist the start-up, development and expansion of small businesses in both the manufacturing and services sectors.

The Types of Financial Supports Longford LEO Provides: 

Capital grants:

  • up to €75,000
  • available for machinery and equipment purchases or for purchasing/altering business premises
  • a proportion of the total financial supports provided must be in a refundable form. Accordingly, repayable grants may be provided in which case the grants are issued subject to the normal conditions, such as production of invoices for eligible expenditure. Repayments must be then made in accordance with agreed schedules, following an initial moratorium period.

Employment grants:

  • up to €7,500 for each job, up to a maximum of 10 jobs
  • grants muct be put towards the cost of labour
  • this grant incentivise job creation in new/expanding projects

Feasibility grants:

  • up to €7,500
  • this grant assist with the cost of necessary pre-start-up studies
  • pre-start up studies assess market interest in and demand for a proposed new product or service, the appropriateness of the associated funding plans and general viability and sustainability

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