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Terms and Conditions of the Shopfront Scheme - Addendum to Business Incentive Scheme

Terms and Conditions of the Shopfront Scheme - Addendum to Business Incentive Scheme 2019-21 (Extended to 31st December 2024)

Please read the following full terms and conditions of the Shopfront Scheme - Addendum to Business Incentive Scheme 2019-21.

Eligibility for the Shopfront Scheme - Addendum to Business Incentive Scheme 2019-21:

  • The Scheme is exclusive to retail businesses only
  • For the purposes of this Scheme, retail businesses are defined as all business that have a consumer interaction, including service and hospitality businesses
  • The retail business must be located in an area designated by the Longford County Council as a Core Retail Area
  • The rates due to the Longford County Council must have been paid in full for the current year
Mentoring Assistance Terms and Conditions:
  • Mentoring Assistance is to be used to support the preparation of a business plan
  • Maximum support available is 100% of plan preparation costs up to a maximum grant of €700
  • Any costs incurred in excess of €700 must be met by the grant recipient
  • Mentors provided from the Longford LEO Office's Approved List of Mentors
  • This grant is jointly sponsored by Longford Local Enterprise Office and Longford County Council
Physical Improvements Terms & Conditions:
  • Physical improvements must be to the exterior of the building (i.e. the shop-front)Maximum support permitted is 50% of qualifying expenditure up to a maximum grant of €700 (VAT exclusive)
  • This grant is jointly sponsored by Longford Local Enterprise Office and Longford County Council
  • Grant paid on evidence of expenditure being incurred
  • Any works should comply with Development Plan Standards
  • Grant payment will be subject to the applicant having obtained planning permission, if required
  • Properties must be commercially-rated
  • Applications may not be considered where there are local taxes or charges due to Longford County Council
  • Businesses that are currently in receipt of a rates rebate under the existing Business Incentive Scheme cannot apply
  • The Budget for this scheme in 2021 is limited and applications will be assessed on a ‘first come-first served basis’
  • Eligible works undertaken from 1st January 2021 will be deemed eligible if all other conditions are satisfied
  • Priority will be given to smaller independent businesses within the town/village centre
  • Applications will be accepted from either the landlord or lessee, whichever is appropriate
  • This grant will be applicable to properties that are classified as either: Hospitality or Retail-Local on the Longford Valuation Listing and have an Annual Rates Bill of less than €10,000
  • Proposed works shall not interfere with any existing planning relating to the property and/or site
  • Applicants to confirm if the proposed works relate to a property on the Record of Protected Structures (RPS)
Eligible Physical Improvements under the Scheme include:
  • Repair and reinstatement of all or any part of a shopfront fixture that is visible from the street, including the first and upper floors of premises (subject to the associated ground floor unit being in commercial use)
  • Reinstatement of architectural or historic features that have formed part of the buildings’ design and character but may have been lost or damaged over time
  • Repainting of shopfronts. Colour schemes should co-ordinate with adjoining shopfronts (as per the agreement of the Planning Authority) and upper floors of buildings should be painted to blend in appropriately with the shopfronts
  • Repair and reinstatement of guttering and down-pipes (to match historic materials where appropriate)
  • Repainting and/or re-rendering of prominent elevations
  • Repair of external stonework and brickwork and replacement of stonework or brickwork which forms part of the stall riser of the shopfront
  • Removal of neon signs, banners or other inappropriate signage affixed to front elevation or side elevations visible from the street and replacement with signage in line with the Longford County Development Plan standards
  • Permanent removal of external security shutters and installation of suitable replacements
  • Pedestrian access improvements, which in particular support the Age Friendly Initiative
  • Repair and installation of interior fixtures and fittings (excluding phone, broadband, tills and merchandising items)
  • Painting, replacement of windows/doors
  • Installation of floral displays and window boxes
Additional Terms and Conditions for the Supports Available:
  • Either (but not both) of the two listed supports will be available to qualifying businesses in any one year
  • Only one grant will be approved per unit
  • Applicants cannot apply for further support under this revised scheme

Application and Approval Terms and Conditions

  • The Application Form must be completed in full, signed and submitted with all requested documentation to: Local Enterprise Office, Longford County Council, Áras an Chontae, Great Water Street, Longford
  • Applications may be made by the owner of the premises or by the lessee with the owner’s written consent
  • The completed Application Form must be accompanied by a description of the proposed works
  • The authority to approve supports will rest with the Business Incentive Scheme Sub-Committee

Grant Drawdown Terms and Conditions

  • Payment will only be made following completion of works or plan
  • Upon completion of works, the applicant must submit evidence of paid contractor invoices
  • All payments must be made through the applicant’s bank account
  • If a grant is not drawn down within a period of 6 months from the date of issue of the Grant Offer Letter then funding will be withdrawn, unless a prior agreement has been made
  • Value of rebate/Grant in any one year cannot exceed value of rates paid in that year
  • Please note that grant allocation is on a one off basis only