Opportunities for Growth in 2021 - Marketing Workshop

Tuesday, 16th February - 2.5 hour session followed by Q&A
10:00am to 12:30pm
Business Training

Set your business on the right path for 2021 with this marketing workshop, covering the steps required to sell and market your products/services through some ever changing circumstances. ***Please note: priority will be given to Longford Businesses and Individuals.***

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Please Note: 

Priority will be given to Longford Businesses and Individuals. 

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Opportunities for Growth

Opportunities for Growth in 2021 - Marketing Workshop

Set your business on the right path this year with the Opportunities for Growth in 2021 - Marketing Workshop. This workshop covers some simple but effective marketing methods and tools to determine the best way to generate sales for your business through some very unpredictable and changing times. Practical examples, case studies, work group exercises, templates and guides to reinforce learning will all be used.

What this Marketing Workshop will Cover:

  • Environmental Scanning: looking at what is changing politically, economically, socially and technologically to help future-proof your business
  • What 'Needs' these future changes create to identify the opportunities in the supply of products and services
  • Matching your business' strengths to the opportunities identified
  • Prioritising the most feasible, least costly and fastest methods to access opportunities, while making the best use of company resources
  • Evaluate the benefits and determining sales targets (customers, profit, company and staff upskilling)
  • Map out a strategy to take advantage of these opportunities (how to allocate resources, time, staff and budget)
  • Create a timeline of actions and targets