Masterclass 2: "Health checking" your business for its forward journey 04/03/2021

19:00 - 20:15
Enterprise Week

Masterclass with Blaise Brosnan, Management Resource Institute

This event is no longer available

Masterclass 2; Blaise Brosnan, Management Resource Institute

Health checking” your business for its forward journey.

Working Capital.

What does it mean in simple practical language?

What are the Choke points in your Working Capital management.

What are the GOLDEN rules re cash-flow management?

-          Are you making some of these mistakes?

-          What is the solution?

Blaise will tease out these issues and offer possible PRACTICAL solutions that you can both understand and use.


Blaise Brosnan B.Agr.Sc (Econ) M.Sc.Mgmt M.Mgtl.

He has a unique blend of practical top management experience gained over 25 years in his capacity as Chief Executive of a portfolio of business types. In addition to this, he has gained further national and international experience, having successfully completed a portfolio of assignment types in Ireland, US, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and in Russia.

To underpin this “cutting edge” experience, he studied and graduated, as a mature student from TCD in 1989 with a M.Sc.Mgmt.

He is Strategy Senior Specialist within the Management Resource Institute, working with Boards and senior management to stand back from their businesses and formulate and agree their future strategic repositioning. He then works with the team to bring that strategic thinking and vision down through their organisations, so that they are all “singing from the same hymn sheet”. He achieves this through a combination of direct facilitation and focused training.

He is also founder Director of International Dispute Resolution (Ireland) Ltd, which specialises in providing disputants with an alternative to the normal litigation routes, to solve their commercial disputes. In addition to this he is a Director of a number of commercial businesses, three of which he is currently chairman.

Blaise brings his wealth of practical and theoretical business experience to each of his roles – as entrepreneur, business director, business consultant and Mentor.

In recent years, Blaise’s clients have regularly requested that he create a resource where he could impart much of his unique and invaluable knowledge, strategy and experience in one place. Hence the stimulus to write and publish his three business related books.

  1. You are the Limiting Factor,
  2.  Jack and
  3.  I Dare You.

This series of books is a ‘blueprint’ of practical, hands on advice and tools that have helped readers to achieve their goals and soar towards their optimum potential. Blaise is currently working on a script for his next business related book.