How to use TikTok to market your business (beginners)

How to use TikTok to market your business (beginners)

Are you wondering whether TikTok could be a useful tool for marketing your business? Now that it has over 1 billion users worldwide is it a platform that you should be looking at? In this beginners’ course you will learn what type of marketing tool Tik Tok is, how it compares to Facebook and Instagram, how other businesses are currently using it and how you could go about creating videos for TikTok.

Who is this course suitable for?

This beginners TikTok marketing course is suitable for people who have not yet used Tik Tok for marketing or have recently started and want to understand how it can be used as a marketing tool

  • Start-ups
  • SME
  • Those involved in digital marketing and want to improve their digital marketing skills

This course is pitched at beginner level.

This is not suitable for Digital marketing trainers / consultants or web designers.

What we will cover:

Step 1: Understand How Tik Tok Works

  • An overview of the main areas in the app - The For You Page, Friends, Create, Inbox, Profile
  • How does a typical person use TikTok?
  • How does Tik Tok compare to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter when using it as a person?

Step 2: Getting started as a business

  • How to sign-up for a TikTok Account
  • How to edit and brand your profile correctly
  • The difference between personal and business accounts and should you switch?
  • How to turn on “Analytics” and why you should do this straight away
  • How the Algorithm works in the For You Page
  • How to search and get found

Step 3: Understand what type of videos are created on TikTok

  • What type of videos do People tend to make
  • What type of videos do Businesses tend to make

Step 4: How to make and post videos

  •  How to make a video with video clips, music and text
  •  How to make a video with someone speaking to camera

Step 5: How to get more views for your videos

  •  Tactics for getting into the For You Page and getting discovered.

Step 6: How to weigh up whether TikTok is a suitable marketing tool for you

This course will be delivered by Evan Mangan of The Marketing Crowd

What do you need?

A laptop/pc/Mac/tablet to take part in the course and your smartphone with the Instagram app downloaded in advance of the course. We recommend that you do not use your phone to join this course as you may wish to use/access the Instagram app during the course.

Course Methodology:

This is a 3-hour LIVE online course which you can attend from your home or office using a PC / MAC / Smartphone or tablet (you will need to be able to hear sound either through speakers or headphones, but you do not need a webcam). Please note that the larger the screen you use the better the experience will be.

If you have an interest in this course please contact a member of our team on 066 7183522 or email to express an interest and we can add you to the waiting list for the next available course